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Tel. +358 440915076                                               




As a graduate from University of Helsinki holding a Master’s Degree in Marketing, I am looking forward to a relevant working position to start my career.


My interest includes marketing, project management/coordination, customer relationship and corporate social responsibility. The ideal position would be in a company interested in Chinese market. There the combination of my international education and knowledge of Chinese culture and language could best serve the company.


Why me? Because I WORTH it.

  • Willing to learn: I actively experienced different kinds of part time work to fulfill my spare time after school, such as interpreter, marketing specialist, event project coordinator, Chinese language teacher, and waitress. I tried all these with great passion of learning to adapt myself quickly.
  • Outgoing and Communicative: I was selected to be interviewed by Helsinki Times {Issue 44 (76)} for my point of view on how Helsinki becomes a good destination for international education. I manage native Chinese, excellent English and satisfactory Finnish.
  • Rapid learner: All the compulsory and selected courses at University of Helsinki were taken within the first academic year of my study. I also quickly learnt all the new analysis methods for my master’s thesis and applied them successfully in my research work.
  • Top performance: I was awarded the 2007 International Student Grant among top 15 undergraduates and graduates from the whole University of Helsinki.
  • Human-oriented: I learnt from Girl Scout how important it is to let everyone within the team participate and contribute him part, and be sensitive to cross-cultural environment and diversity. 

If you are looking for an employee with great skills of communicating with different people and good sense to multi-cultural environment, who is proactive, open-minded, and keen to learn, I am the right one for you!